About Us

Hadya means gift, and what we offer at HadyaTrends are trendy gifts for you and your loved ones!

Founded by two childhood friends from Canada, Amena is now rooted in the UK and Cora has since settled in the USA but they have found a way to come together and bring you the most treasured items.

HadyaTrends caters for everyone and have the added benefits of holding warehouses in the US and the UK.

We are always adding meaningful gifts, ones that the recipient will cherish -- not just in the moment that they get it, but for the rest of their lives. Ideally, it's a permanent reminder of your love and gratitude for their presence in your life. Gifts with meaning are more than things, and that’s just what HadyaTrends provides, not just a gift but a memory, a keepsake -- a sentimental gift with lasting memories.