5in1 Portable Facial Cleansing Brush

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Face cleansing is the basic step of all skincare routines. When your face is thoroughly cleansed your products have better absorption.

Eliminates acne: The face brush can effectively remove acne from the face and inhibit acne regrowth.
Reduces fine lines: The roller massage head can massage your skin, and long-term use can make your skin more elastic and younger.
Improves Skin: Exfoliating Head can effectively clean the dirt on the face to remove keratin and help the facial skin reproduce.

The Five Heads:
1. Soft Brush for more intense cleansing and mild exfoliating.
2. Makeup Sponge for removing makeup and surface cleansing.
3. Latex Sponge Head can clean dirt in tiny pores while massaging the face.
4. Rolling Massage Head to increase circulation and invigorate facial muscles.
5. Exfoliating Head to use with your facial cleanser to deep clean and gently exfoliate.

Wet the face with water and apply a cleanser evenly. Gently push up Power Button to turn on the appliance, select the low-speed gentle cleansing mode or high-speed deep cleansing mode.

After you choose the appropriate mode, wet the Brush Head with water, place it on your skin and gently move it in a circular motion from the inside to the sides of the face.

Then, turn the appliance off, wash the face with clean water, and dry your face. Apply your favorite skincare product.