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I've finally satisfied my curiosity and bought one of these! I have oily skin and wanted to see if it actually works on blackheads. I'm very pleasantly surprised at how well it works. I mean WOW what a good little sucker! It's an awesome yet equally really gross experience! Awesome 👍 because I rid my skin of some blackheads but gross because well blackheads are just really gross! Lol! Great gift idea😄


 I was very pleased with this necklace as it was a mother’s day gift. My mother loved it as well, especially with the personalization. I had to purchase a longer chain after I received it, but the seller was able to quickly respond to my inquiry on if they sold chains separately. 


Absolutely love it. It cleans the face better than anything I’ve used


I used to go and pay money for facial for years, and I bought this blackhead remover during the quarantine when I wasnt able to visit the salon for a facial and it is very worthit.Definitely recommend!


Very beautiful , my wife loved it a ton and wears it every day.  I will be ordering from them again.